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Best Moving Harnesses Straps

Home Shifiting Made Easy
Just Forearm and sholder harness makes to lift more than 200 pounds

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Dusty-Brush: New way to clean

A universal vacuum cleaner attachment for the smallest areas, delicate objects and hard-to-reach areas. A vacuum attachment that cleans everything. Dirt is to be found everywhere, so naturally also on delicate objects or in areas that are difficult, if not

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LED Stairs Illumination

LED Stairs  LED stairs illumination by SOLED features complete sets ready for assembly to illuminate stairs inside homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, etc., as well as advanced motion sensors for automatic switching of light when entering the stairs. ZOS stairs illumination

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Collar Perfect Travel Iron

The perfect compact touch-up and travel iron Collar Perfect – Compact Multipurpose Touch-Up and Travel Iron with Deluxe Travel Bag Perfect for Quick Touch Ups and Hard to Reach Places The unique design allows for quick and easy touch ups

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KitchenIQ Smart Nutritional Scale

Collect and track your nutritional intake and calories Work Smarter in the kitchen using this unique wireless nutrition scale. Use as a kitchen scale to weigh solid and liquid ingredients for baking and everyday meal prep. Use with the KitchenIQ

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Dacha – Pocket Scan

Dacha PocketScan:- The World’s Smallest Wireless Scanner PocketScan is the world’s smallest wireless scanner – barely larger than a business card and super light. PocketScan is compact, smart, and incredibly easy to use. It’s the perfect companion on-the-go for your

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Zuta Pocket Printer

The First Mini Robotic Printer The printer is outfitted for our day to day life. It has a rechargeable battery and an on/off switch. It connects directly to smartphones and to PCs, and allows the user to print on any

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