Dacha – Pocket Scan

Dacha PocketScan:- The World’s Smallest Wireless Scanner

PocketScan is the world’s smallest wireless scanner – barely larger than a business card and super light. PocketScan is compact, smart, and incredibly easy to use. It’s the perfect companion on-the-go for your PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet and iPhone.

Scan anything-Move PocketScan across any document, drawing, text, texture or image.

Instant feedback-Anything you scan is instantly displayed on the screen. It feels just like painting.

Easy to use-Download our software, press the start button and simply start scanning!

Truly portable-PocketScan is as small as a business card, only 1″ wide and weighs just 85 grams.

Device dimensions: 95mm (3.74″) x 50mm (1.96″) x 27mm (1.06″)
Device weight: 85 grams

Scan sensor specs
Sensor fusion for Fast Movement Tracking
RGB imager
1600cpi laser sensor
1 MEMS gyroscope

Scan window
50mm (1.96″) x 20mm (0.78″)

Print quality
400dpi and more

Bluetooth, iBeacon

For more info please visit PocketScan

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