Muzo – Zone Creator Of Silence

Muzo – Your Personal Zone Creator with Noise Blockin Tech



Muzo is the first acoustic device that applies Anti-Vibration Technology for smooth surface. This Exclusive Technology prevents objects from vibrating to minimize any unwanted disturbances nearby.

Besides, Muzo utilizes Billionsound Technology (Powered by BST) to generate dynamic realistic sounds. These vivid sounds set the scene and drown out intrusive noises. Whether you wish to enjoy a piece of serenity or to become engulfed in the tranquil sounds of nature, Muzo will be there for you.

noise canceling

There are 3 modes for different scenarios:

Serenity mode : to create a silent place by Anti-Vibration
Sleep mode       : to achieve better sleep quality by Scene Creation
Secret mode      : to protect speech privacy by Sound Masking

[Source Kickstarter]

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