Altered:Nozzle Saves Water

Same Tap: 98% Less Water



The Altered:Nozzle is the worlds most extreme water saving nozzle. It installs easily into your existing tap. By atomizing water we can use 98% less water and still retain full functionality. And if you need a little more, then you switch to the regular saving mode. Still 75% savings, but all the water you need.

  • Fits into your existing tap.
  • Super easy installation. 30 sec.
  • Pays for itself in a couple of months!
  • Multiple finishes and sizes.
  • Lead Free Eco Brass


nozzle saves water

Perfect for kitchen and bathroom taps everywhere. In your home, your boat, at the office, in your vacation home or wherever you have a tap and want to save water.

To get your own Altered:Nozzle support Altered:Company on Kickstarter

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