Space saving beds

Spaceman – Hidden Beds and Space Saving Furniture


The Joy of Space

Space saving beds

You’ll be amazed how much space you can save with a Spaceman Bed. Select from a simple folding boxed bed or folding loft bed/bunk beds. Save even more space by combining your bed with a desk, a sofa, a shelving unit or even a TV console. Spaceman beds are available in single, super single, double and queen size and open either vertically or horizontally to perfectly fit your space.

Multi function tables

Dining tables are greedy, even when you are not using them they hog space. With our multi function tables your dining table serves another purpose when not in use, such as a coffee table or console table, freeing up all that valuable space to make a bigger living room.

Sofa beds

With new Spaceman sofa beds you sleep on a real full size mattress, not the sofa, ensuring comfort and hygiene for you and your guests. You can even keep your pillows inside most models. Spaceman sofa beds are available in single, super single, double, queen size, as well as our remarkable bunk bed and triple bed designs.

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